Catfish - Live Catfish - (1971 Great Us Blues Rock With Bob "Catfish" Hodge & Dallas Hodge - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

Vinyl rip in Flac of a rare live album by Bob "Catfish" Hodge in 1971 one of the greatest blues rock singer ... 
A solid group playing of white blues with charismatic frontman- lead singer of "Catfish" Hodge had a tremendously powerful voice and this was very apparent on "Live Catfish" this guy knows how to use it. He surely ate gravel before singing and have a good sip of whisky and perhaps dude smoked a bit of this and that..hehehe
Although the the whole project seems to have been rather half-heartedly undertaken.
Probably will a good addition to anyone's collectibles!
Original 1971 vinyl first pressing USA - yellow Epic Records E 30361 - Subtitled "featuring Bob Hodge".Recorded live at the Eastown Theatre, Detroit, Michigan. 
This is the second, and last album by Catfish. This is their only one live album, of 1971. After this, the lead singer, Bob Hodge, split from the band to do his own albums. He went on to release Boogie.... occurring after the dissolution of a group,  at the side of famous artists (Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Thackery, Dr. John.) - Review by Adamus67 

Bob "Catfish" Hodge - Vocals, Guitar
Dallas Hodge - Lead Guitar
Dennis Cranner - Bass
Jimmy Demers - Drums
Harry Phillips - Keyboards
John Hill - Piano on "Nowhere To Run"

01- Nowhere to Run
02- Money
03- 300 Pound Fat Mam
04- Mississippi River
05- Letter to Nixon
06- Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

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